Social Media

Growing your Business With Facebook and Instagram 

Our Packages



Includes 1 monthly brand awareness ad - optimized to get the most amount of reach and brand recognition.

Image ad – we will use a supplied image or stock imagery will be used.

Targeting your city/town.

Optional website link to drive traffic.

Monthly Report.



Includes 1 monthly traffic ad - optimized to get you the most amount of website traffic.

Image or video ad – we will use a supplied image or video, or stock imagery will be used.

Targeting your city/town.

Website link required to drive traffic.

Monthly Report.

Importance of Social Media

Now more than ever, it’s essential for businesses to connect with their customers through social media directly. Establishing an online presence is the key to growing your brand and increasing your engagement and web traffic. Over the years, social media has evolved past just posting or getting “likes” and followers. It’s now one of the best ways to communicate and reach potential customers who are interested in your services or products!

With our social media packages, our team will implement a strategy to help your business grow and increase traffic to your website. Our strategists will manage your ads that will be placed on Facebook and Instagram. These social platforms use in-depth targeting to reach users online based on their interests, age, gender, and location to find your ideal customer. Your ads will focus on finding relevant customers to deliver your desired results. You’ll be able to reach new customers quickly and effectively!

Why Social Media Ads?

Builds a reputation online and trust

Highly efficient and cost effective

Attract high-quality customers

Engage with new and current customers

Increases Google rankings

Improves customer service

Start building your brand on social media!

Our Process

Ad Set-Up

Using specified ad objectives and advanced targeting strategies, we will work to grow your business through Facebook and Instagram ads. Our packages include the following: 

  • Ad set up and optimization
  • Graphically designed ads
  • Ideal custom audience creation
  • Customized audience research
  • Ad copywriting 

    Campaign Management

    Managing ad campaigns takes a lot of time and dedication, which can take time out of your busy schedule. SOS Communications is here to help! Each month, our social media strategists will manage and optimize your campaign, which includes refining the targeting of your ads, ad placement, and more. 

    Ad Campaign & Strategy

    Depending on your overall marketing goals (branding, engagement, or web traffic), our social media strategists will curate an ad campaign to help reach the results you’re looking for. Knowing your overall objective will help clarify your campaign goal and reach results faster.

    Reach/Brand Awareness Strategy

    This strategy will get users’ attention and help generate interest in your service or product by telling people what makes your business valuable. This will increase the overall awareness of your business to as many people as possible in your target location and audience.

    Engagement Strategy

    With this strategy, we will reach people who are likely to engage with your content on social media with likes, comments, and shares.

    Web Traffic Strategy

    This strategy encourages people to visit your website and grow the number of people who visit your website. Our goal here is to get people to think about your business and seek more information.

    Whether you’re looking to reach more people, build engagement, or get more people to your website, we can help your business get there with social media ads.

    What Will My Ad Look Like?

    The following information will be included on your ad:

    • Facebook/Instagram Page
    • Image or Video
    • Description
    • Headline
    • Call-to-Action Button
    • Website Link – People will be redirected to your website if they click on the ad

    Analytics & Reporting

    How do you know if all of this is working? Don’t worry – we provide monthly reports including valuable campaign metrics, results, and insight. Here are the key analytics that we will be reporting on for your social media campaign.


    The average number of times a person saw your ad.


    The number of times your ad was shown for your target audience. This includes the number of times one person saw your ad.
    Reach x Frequency = Impressions

    Post Engagement

    The total number of actions that people take involving your ads including reactions, comments, shares, video views, or clicking on a link. Post engagement indicated the relevance of your ad for your target audience, which helps the ad perform better. When people see ads that are relevant to them they’re likely to interact with through post engagement.

    Link Clicks

    The number of clicks on the link within the ad that lead people to your website. Measures interest that your ad generates amount your target audience.

    Click-Through Rate

    The percentage of times people saw your ad and performed a link click. This metric helps us measure the success of the advertising campaign.

    Estimated Ad Recall (Brand Awareness and Engagement Ad only)

    The number of people we estimate that would remember seeing your ad if we asked them again within two days. This is metric is used to tell if your ad is resonating with the target audience.

    Are You Ready to Advertise on Social Media?

    Here are a few things to consider before starting to run social media advertising. If you can identify all of these points of your business, this will help us take your social media presence to a new level!


    Who is your target audience?


    What pain point does your business solve for customers?


    What unique service would you like to highlight in your ad?


    What type of special offer can be presented in your ad?


    What do you hope to achieve with social media ads? (ie: branding, engagement, web traffic)