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Why Are We the Best at eCommerce Web Design in Edmonton?


No one likes a mundane website! Your website should stand out from the crowd. At SOS Commuunications, we have made a habit of building creative, stunning, and unique websites for every client. We take the utmost of care while designing your website, from choosing the right color combinations to using distinctive fonts for different sections.

We Push The Limits

SOS Commuunications has never settled for a mediocre website. Apart from lending an ear to our clients’ requirements and matching their expectations, we always go the extra mile to make the site unique. We believe that it is our duty to educate clients on what can be done to a website to make it more appealing for a wider audience.

Free Consultation

At SOS Commuunications, we do not charge you any consultation fees. We see you as a potential customer and believe that you should not be charged for an initial consultation with us.


We are not the jack-of-all-trades, but the master of all trades! We don’t rely on only one professional to undertake a wide range of jobs – we have many professionals. Each of our team members has their own niche. Our Edmonton web designers are no exception!

We Listen

We may be experts in the web designing domain, but we never dictate things. We sit with our clients, pay attention to their expectations, include their valuable insights about the project, and explain our suggestions thoroughly. When we’re done, we present our clients with a website they will love.

Turn Around Time

In the web design industry, people know us for our timeliness in completing projects. Before taking up a new project, our experts lay out the budget, time, and manpower required for the project. Once we are clear on these aspects, there is no stopping us. We keep our clients in the loop regarding the progress of the projects, and we stick to the deadline no matter how challenging the project may be.


One of the key features that make us stand out from the crowd is our experience. SOS Commuunications has an army of experienced experts in eCommerce web design who give a client nothing but the best. Depending on the nature of your eCommerce site, our experts would handpick the ideal language and tools to build your dream website.

Vast Knowledge

Our staff are experts in website building, social media marketing, search engine optimization, video production, and WordPress design & development. We take pride in our talented team members!


We are not an agent; hence, we are affordable and also approachable. Since we do not have any overhead, it’s just you and our experts when it comes to a discussion regarding your project.

Friendly Nature

We understand that the world of web designing is full of complex jargon. Don’t worry! We are here to help you. Our designers in Edmonton are extremely helpful in explaining the nuances of the process of web design. They do not bombard you with technical terms, but instead throw light on web designing in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner.


We are known among our clients for our consistency. Our performance has been the same since our very first project. We treat every work as a pilot project, which is why we are still a frontrunner in web design.

We Are Passionate

At SOS Commuunications, we don’t settle for the ordinary. Be it a simple ‘Breadcrumb Navigation’ element or a complicated back-office dashboard design, our designers burn the midnight oil to come up with the best possible design. Because they are here not by chance, but by their choice, and they love their job, just like how you love your eCommerce venture!


We treat the process of designing a website like making a movie. Akin to storyboards for filmmaking, we first design the website in Photoshop. It will give the coders a blueprint using which they can recreate the site with codes. The visual elements will also give a client a sneak peek into what their website would look like once completed.

Personalized Service

We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. We pay special attention to each of our clients to ensure that they get what they want. From the simplest things such as ‘Favicons’ and ‘Social Media Links’ to intricate features such as ‘Inventory Integration’ and ‘Payment Gateway Integration,’ you will get periodic updates from our staff. If you do not approve of a feature, it goes to the shelf immediately.


Whether you are just budding company or an established one, we see you as our valuable client. Our experts in Edmonton will work together to deliver the best output. The promises we make to you before taking up the job stand unchanged, no matter how tough the project becomes. The intended results will be delivered, even if it takes upgrade of our existing infrastructure or adoption of new technologies.


No company grows without the support and trust of clients. The reason we stay relevant in the digital media design game is the trust we have earned from our clients; this is evident in our growth rate and pattern.

24/7 Support

We know how frustrating it would be if there is no one to help you during technical glitches. At SOS Commuunications, we are working around the clock to assist you during emergencies. Our executives are prompt in sorting out the hiccups.


We have a proven work system in place. Any new project will have to go through this mechanism so that we achieve the intended results without fail at the end. Each process within our system ensures that the clients’ expectations are met. At the end of each process, we will show you the results, and only if you approve, the project will go to the next level.

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Tips To Find the Best eCommerce Development Company in Edmonton

Check Portfolio

History doesn’t lie! Before making up your mind on selecting a company, check their portfolio. The projects they have done will speak volumes about their capability. Never go solely by a company’s words. Instead, check their past works to get the full picture.

Reviews Of A Company

A company may have a high opinion and claims about itself. However, if you could speak to a handful of their past clients, the veracity of their claims can be checked. Look for testimonials and reviews online. If a company gets showered with praises for their work, you may have found the right one.

Interact With A Developer

Having an in-depth interaction with the developer will tell you a lot about a company. Be prepared and know the basics of web designing before you initiate a conversation with a developer. Pose a few questions and observe how they answer and explain the features and functionalities of a website. The more information they have about a subject, the lesser the chances for a bad output.

Estimation Of Cost

Go for the company whose fees are affordable, and alwaysask for estimation before hiring a company. However, keep in mind that there is no standard fee when it comes to web design. Depending upon your expectations and needs, the cost may vary. Have a discussion with your developer on what can be done to cut costs. If a company is willing to serve you at your budget, it’s a good sign!

Long Term Support

Look for companies that provide support for a long time. Technical glitches and bugs are not an uncommon thing in the digital world, and it takes a dedicated customer support service for your website to stay up and running all the time. With scores of features, plugins, extensions, and more incorporated into your website, it will become prone to some hiccups. SOS Commuunications serves you as a one-stop solution for your post-go-live support.


The company may be exceptional; it may have the leading designers and state-of-the-art electronic architecture on its side. However, if it is poor in communicating with the clients, it is a sure-shot recipe for a bad experience for you. Get to know about the company’s communication mechanism with their clients, such as whether their designers and developers are available for video conferences and real-time chat.

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Mistakes People Make While Choosing an eCommerce Development Company in Edmonton

Choosing A Firm That Uses Outdated Technology

Similar to other domains, the world of eCommerce is also changing almost on an everyday basis. If a company is even a bit reluctant to adopt new technologies, your website may not be the best. It may face compatibility issues and long loading time. With the internet penetration rate being an all-time high, and people’s attention span has reduced drastically if your eCommerce website doesn’t load in less than 4 seconds, it will affect your conversion rate negatively.

Going For The Cheap

Remember: You get what you pay for! There is a world of difference between affordable companies and cheap companies. Affordable companies offer you the services provided by the industry leaders at a fraction of the cost. They achieve this by meticulously eliminating the money-guzzling features from the website. However, cheap companies drastically cut the additions from a website and provide you with a mundane project.

No Planning

A website is like a living organism. It takes a myriad of things to work in unison for a website to function fluidly. Poor planning or no plan will result in a badly-designed website. Pick a company that gives priority to planning.

Hiring Only Locals

The world has changed. You don’t have to hire a local company for your web design needs. It is a myth that choosing a local company will make it more legitimate. With digital tools democratized, you can pretty much choose a company from anywhere, as long as they get you the results you desire!

Not Checking Credentials Properly

Choosing a company without doing a background check can be a bad move. Make sure to look at the number of projects that have successfully completed and the number of projects they dropped. Choose your website developer wisely!

Selecting A Firm With Less Experience

If you are ready to compromise on the experience of an eCommerce development company, it is understood that you are also ready to compromise on the quality of work. Only an experienced company can quickly solve unexpected issues during a project.

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Ecommerce Web Design & Development FAQs

Are You A Trustworthy eCommerce Web Design & Development Company?

We strongly urge you to speak to our past clients to get to know about us. Also, check our portfolio; you will be impressed by our accomplishments.

Can I Have A Search Box For My Customers In My Website?

Yes, absolutely. Adding almost any type of design or element to your website is doable these days. Putting in a search box is an easy task!

Do You Offer Logo Designs or Any Other Custom Designs?

Yes, we offer many services, including,graphics designing, logo design, social media, and web design. As mentioned earlier, we are a one-stop shop for your digital needs!

Can You Design Our Website?

Yes, we can. We are here to make your expectations a reality. Our experts will sit together with you to complete your dream website.

How Do I Choose the Best Platform for My Website?

It boils down to your personal preferences. For example, if you want a slew of features on your website, you may have to choose a versatile platform. Get in touch with us to get more details.

Are There Any Security Risks Involved With eCommerce Sites?

Phishing, bot attack, e skimming, price manipulation, and spamming are some of the risks involved. However, don’t let these technical terms confuse you. The digital world is equally equipped with tools such as firewalls to face the threats.

The websites we designed and delivered never encountered any such problem. Because before giving, we do multiple testing on all websites, including (1) Security Testing, (2) Load Testing, (3) Cross-platform Testing, (4) Stability Testing, & (5) UI/UX Testing.

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