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Why Are We The Best In WordPress Web Development Services in Edmonton?

Passionate Team

At SOS Commuunications, web developers never hesitate to come up with multiple ideas for a single project. They are determined to bring out an outstanding product, and their attitude stems from their passion for the job. They keep themselves continuously updated on industry trends to meet your expectations.

Creative Technologists

Our army of creative technologists in Edmonton put immense effort into each project so that it stands out from the crowd. They have an eye for new ideas, and are quick to adapt to complement the project. Our professionals never settle for a run-of-the-mill product and will impress you with their undying creativity.

We Deliver Results

Our professionals don’t give up, no matter how complicated a project is. They toil, brainstorm, debate, and sometimes even fight (a healthy fight! Everyone gets along around here) amongst themselves, to meet each client’s expectations. We take a client’s objectives and resources into account to deliver the results within a reasonable amount of time.

Quality Service

We don’t stop communicating with our clients. They get to see our work closely, and they often participate in the website development from start to finish. We are 100% transparent about what we do, and we give curated solutions to each client. This is because we sincerely believe that every client’s needs are different.

Experts In WordPress CMS Development

Being experts on a platform that powers one-third of the world’s websites is not an easy task. The system undergoes constant changes, and one has to keep track of these updates to stay relevant in the game. From Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration to Theme and Plugin Development, the platform never stays the same because it’s so versatile and adaptable.


For SOS Commuunications, transferring your files and content from another platform to a WordPress-powered site is a piece of cake. Our professionals in Edmonton complete this procedure countless times.

We Understand a Client’s Needs

Having worked with clients who hail from various fields, we are fully aware that the needs of each client differ from one another. Because of this, we have adopted a policy of catering to a client’s needs in a tailored manner. Even before commencing a project, our experts in Edmonton will spend time with a client to understand what exactly they want to have on their website. This collaborative approach has proven to be very effective.


We understand that not everyone has deep pockets, and that strict budgets often have to be followed. At SOS Commuunications, we always strive to ensure your budget is followed. Our rates are very affordable for the quality we deliver. Want to reduce the costs further? Talk to us, and we will figure out how to create your dream website within your limits.

Tips To Find The Best WordPress Development Company in Edmonton

Check Reviews

You may have already spoken to a company’s representative, and everything seems good. But how do you convince yourself that this is the ideal company for your project? One of the easiest ways to check a company’s credentials is online, which holds a plethora of information. Reviews and testimonials from the company’s past clients will help you arrive at an informed decision without breaking a sweat.

Check How They Communicate

Pay attention to the way a company treats you and answers your queries. If they are aloof and not being transparent, they may not be the one. On the other hand, if they are curious to know about your requirements and motivate you to ask more questions, it is an excellent sign that they are highly likely to deliver what you want.

Look Beyond

Do not blindly believe a company’s portfolio. Ask questions about their previous projects and the challenges they faced. Companies often outsource design templates and collaborate with experts to design portions of a website. Though common, this should not go unnoticed. Hence, knowing more about a company’s portfolio will help you make a wise decision.

Size Of The Company

Check the company’s infrastructure, resources, manpower, and the like to assess whether they will be able to complete your project (if given) within a stipulated time. Likewise, get to know about the time durations a company took to complete big projects.

Check Their Technical Proficiency

As mentioned previously, WordPress is one of the sophisticated and versatile platforms for websites. Therefore, it experiences changes almost on an everyday basis. A WordPress developer must closely follow the domain trends and developments to deliver the best possible result to the clients. Check your WordPress developer’s technical skills before handing over a project.

Check Their Portfolio

Get to know about the companies for whom a web developer has worked, and learn about the websites they made for those companies. It will give you an idea about the developer’s capabilities.

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Advantages Of Using WordPress For Your Website

Easy To Use

WordPress has been rated as one of the most user-friendly platforms. The user interface is straightforward and intuitive, and customization in a WordPress-powered website has endless possibilities. The addition of new pages, blog posts, or any digital content to your WordPress website is super easy!

No Coding

Since WordPress is an efficient system, the platform is completely smooth, whereas other platforms rely on high-level coding. You can make any changes to a WordPress website without using any complicated software.

Can Update Website From Anywhere

A good internet connection is all that you need to update your WordPress website.

WordPress Is SEO Friendly

Thanks to the simple and plain WordPress code, sites powered by WordPress rank at the top of the search engines. Since every element of a WordPress website has its meta tag keywords, title, and keywords, the search engines take almost no time in redirecting a searcher towards your website.


Originally developed to support blogs, the free content management system spread its wings across the web world. According to W3Techs, WordPress powers 35% of all websites. The system is extremely adaptable to new updates. WordPress remains an ideal choice for almost anyone, from a new company that just needs a basic website, to a multinational conglomerate with a myriad of content to display.

Variety of Themes

‘WordPress Themes’ is a repository of a wide range of themes. From a minimalistic website with a hamburger menu to a parallax design with an asymmetrical layout, the system offers countless design styles.

Magnificent Scalability

When it comes to scalability, WordPress simply blows its competitors out of the water. A WordPress website can have thousands of pages (yes, you read that right!) and still run like a breeze. For this reason, big businesses that have tons and tons of media content to be published will often choose WordPress.

Custom Plugins

WordPress loves plugins. Using plugins, you can tweak the WordPress website to suit your needs. Similar to ‘Themes,’ plugins are also available in more numbers. The platform has a good amount of free themes too.

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Advantages Of Doing Custom WordPress Web Development

Unique Website

People choose the WordPress system because they want their website to be completely unique. Taking advantage of the countless themes and plugins, you can build a unique custom website.

Security At Its Best

Since your custom WordPress website would have fewer features and code, your site is pretty much safe from cyber-attacks.

The Look You Want

The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your WordPress website. Using the plethora of tools WordPress offers, you can build the design you have in your mind without any trouble.

Open Source Platform

WordPress is an open-source platform, meaning it’s highly agile and flexible. Compared to other platforms, open-source ones are pocket-friendly, highly secure, and fast. The platform also gets frequent updates, and it provides long-term stability to its users.

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WordPress Web Design & Development FAQs

Are Multiple Languages Available In WordPress?

According to WordPress, translations are available in 200 languages. However, 100 % translation is available only for 25 languages. Fifty-two locales have more than 95% translation.

Should I Have Knowledge Of Coding To Add Contents to a WordPress Website?

No. You don’t need any coding knowledge to add content to a WordPress website post-development.

How do I Install Plugins?

Think of apps; plugins are nothing but apps for your WordPress-powered website. You will need to click the ‘Plugins’ option under their WordPress dashboard to see the available plugins.

How do I Add a Contact Form Using WordPress?

A contact form adds a nice touch to your website to let visitors reach you. WordPress offers many ‘contact form’ plugins. Get in touch with our experts to add a contact form of your favorite style and

Will You Give Support To My Website Post Development?

You can always get in touch with our SOS team for modifications, redesign, or for any adding of new features to the website.

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